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From Queenstown to Tokyo, we Travel Together as a Family!

We are a blended family living in Australia who hold full time jobs and of course, love to travel. Our family unit consists of us, life partners in our 40s and our lovely 9 year old daughter. Individually, together and as a family we have travelled to over 48 countries and 153 cities. We wish to share our tips on all things to do with family travel as well as specific advice on kid friendly destinations and experiences. We hope to inspire and encourage families to explore the world with their children by providing handy ideas and a comprehensive list of tips and travel hacks.

We’re not nomadic travellers, we don’t wander aimlessly (wish we could!) nor do we home-school our daughter (I would be terrible at it!) and travel full time. We are an average family that embarks on short holidays a couple of times a year with the objective of exploring the world together. We believe whole heartedly that family travel is integral to a dynamic family unit as together you can create unforgettable memories, learn to co-exist in a unique and special way and to experience exciting adventures. We are always planning for the next holiday, doing a whole load of research which we will always share with you and dreaming about crossing off that bucket list!

We also have a Little Globetrotters segment where we encourage travelling children of all ages to submit their mini blog post of their travels. All that is required is they submit 1 travel photo and they talk about what they were doing at the time and what they liked and/or disliked about their experience. We believe this will encourage good writing habits, ability to collate a travel journal or even a blog without doing all the hard work as we do it for you and it would provide for an honest review for kids, written by kids! If you’re interested, please click here to find out more information and how to participate.

We look forward to making your holidays easier, more enjoyable and less daunting. We also hope to inspire you and your family to embark on exploring new destinations!

Amy, Andrew and Hannah @ Family Globetrotters


Disclaimer: The Family Globetrotters website contains affiliate links which help us to maintain this blog and assists us with our travels. Family Globetrotters have also posted articles based on sponsored products and/or services but all opinions are our own, truthful and unbiased.